Ares, God of War

I’ve still been hard at work writing my poems. Here’s one of the latest.Greek mythology based again.


Ares, God of War

I wallow in the savagery
of dismemberment and gore
and luxuriate in bloodshed,
for I’m Ares, God of war!



With my mighty sword and shield
I charge headlong into battle,
leading enemies to slaughter
 like they’re sacrificial cattle.


They call me king of carnage
since I bask in butchery,
indulge in massive mayhem
and extreme atrocities.



Yes, warfare is my passion,
of that there’s little doubt,
but the sight of my own ichor*
is enough to freak me out!


*ichor is the blood of the gods!

Using poems to educate

With my interest in Greek history and mythology over the past few months I have found it fun to use my work to educate as well as entertain. I’ve done plenty of research into many of my topics and have found it full of interesting little tidbits just ripe for the writing!

For example, I will be using the poems below with my students when we begin our unit on Greek history in a late November. 


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Does anyone ever get the feeling that their creative works go unappreciated? Twice in the last few weeks I’ve sent email messages to friends and family telling them of my web site updates and asking for feedback.  Both times the response was mostly crickets (Chirp, chirp, chirp…I cam hear them now). The first time a cousin did respond with encouragement but other than that…nothing. I have found this quite hurtful. 

I really started having self-doubts. I wondered:

  • does my work really suck and people just don’t want to tell me?
  • are people just insensitive?
  • does anyone care about my personal endeavors..or me for that matter?
  • Are people so wrapped up in their own lives that they can afford the courtesy of a response?

I wasn’t looking for glowing praise and accolades, just the knowledge that perhaps someone cared enough to read, watch, and enjoy my efforts. I started visualizing a list of people I wanted to consider ‘writing off’. Of course that’s extreme, but you get my point.

Any ideas, suggestions?

Olympus Has Risen!

After several months of scheduling and coordinating, etc. I was finally able to complete the pantheon of Greek gods for my web site. The posters as well as the completed video are available for viewing there. They are available on the Greek Mythology page.



But if you’re really eager, here’s the video!

(click the refresh button if the video doesn’t play!)



The kids with whom I worked were all novice actors, only a couple with prior acting experience. But in spite of that I think they did a really nice job. Their commitment and hard work show through! I too am, obviously, just a video hobbyist and therefore an amateur.  Maybe once I retire I can learn more and really get into making my stuff look more professional.

The pre and post video titles I did are pretty sucky and unimaginative so I will be working with those at some point. I just wanted to get the video up for the kids and fans to see. 

What’s New

After having the June and July from Hell I’m ready to try keeping this blog up to date again!

My web site has been updated with new poems and videos from my current topic of Greek history and mythology. Most of what I have posted has been mythology themed so I’d thought I’d do a little history here. I’m not a big fan of the “300” films (I despise the slow motion fighting sequences!) but I do love the history behind the films. I’ve done some research and have created a couple poems and videos that I will use in my classroom this year to give the kids a taste of just how hard it was to be a Spartan, especially if you were a boy.




Spartan Boys


We are fearless Spartan boys,

trained since we were seven.

The life we lead in army camp

is anything but Heaven.


Living lives of hardship

hunger, pain and strife.

To be courageous warriors

is our only goal in life.


Yet we’re very proud to serve

and protect our city-state.

We warriors are the pride of Greece

which makes Sparta oh, so great.





We’re Mighty Spartan Warriors


We’re mighty Spartan warriors,

every mother’s son.

We pushed out the pesky Persians

at a place called Marathon.


It was a decade later,

in 480 B.C.

when Leonidas led an army

at old Thermopylae.


We lost 300 Spartans

who fought with dignity.

But the remaining Grecian army

forced the Persian pests to flee.





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The Olympics

I thought that since the Olympics are in full swing now it might be a good time to post this poem!


The Olympian

The beloved Greek Olympics,

are a wonder to behold!

And since I’m the perfect athlete

I’ll leave my rivals in the cold.

The crowds will be left speechless

by the feats I shall achieve

and at the end they’ll adorn my head

with a crown of olive leaves.


Since I’m the fastest athlete

from Olympia to Athens,

my breakneck pace at each foot race

is sure to please the masses.

With the long jump I’m astounding,

my leaps can’t be outdone,

each wrestling match an easy task

since I’ve superior skill and brawn.


I’ll firmly grasp the javelin

and throw with all might,

the throngs will cheer and watch that spear

sail swiftly out of sight.

Then I’ll hurl a hefty discus

to the pleasure of the crowds.

and soon that stone projectile

will be lost beyond the clouds.


But I’ve just heard a rumor

that may change my attitude.

It has come to my attention

that they’re competing in the nude!

I know it may seem natural,

and I’m all for self-expression,

but I think I’ll linger amongst the crowd

and simply sell concessions.



Young Zeus!

As mentioned previously, I have developed a great interest in Greek history and mythology after teaching a unit on it last school year. I have written and will be recording a series of poems based on Greek mythological characters putting kids in the roles of the Greek gods. What I have below is the first in the series. A boy I have worked with for the past few years has taken on the role of Zeus for this one.


More Mythology

The past few months I have been working extensively on writing poems based on Greek mythology. Some will be used in my class instructionally and others will be for publication in my upcoming book (or both). In addition to my writing I also enjoy the dramatic arts and like to have kids perform my poems on  audio, video or both. The photo below shows a young actor I have worked with for the past few years modeling as the minotaur. As you can see, one of my poems accompanies it.


Min poem 2a

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Twisted Poetry

I like to write twisted poems. Okay, not THAT kind of twisted, but twisted as in having a surprise ending, putting a character in a situation you would not normally find them in, or perhaps putting them in a very outrageous and/or embarrassing predicament. If you have looked at samples on my web sites you’ll know what I’m talking about.

For example:

A Hairy Predicament

 Last evening when I went to bed

my face was smooth and bare,

so you can’t imagine my surprise

when I awoke with facial hair!

It happened rather suddenly

and though it may sound weird,

somehow in the dark of night

I grew a mustache and a beard!


I’ll try to make the best of things

and accept this odd transition,

but these changes have now placed me in

a precarious position.

For though I look distinguished,

I’m in an awkward sort of mess.

This abnormal growth of whiskers

doesn’t match my brand new dress!

I guess this explains my enjoyment of things like Monty Python and Mel Brooks! We all need to laugh and not take life so seriously all the time.

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