The Treasure of Books

I just relied to a post from another writer who truly encompassed the pleasure of books. Check it out!

It’s true how much nicer they are than movies and videos. Reading requires creativity, imagination, and effort! Something lacking for many kids in today’s high-tech, immediate gratification world. We are surrounded by so much information, noise, and too many distractions.  It’s a wonder we’ve come so far!


I Hate Video Games!


Some kids think I’m fairly odd

And wonder if I’m insane,

Just for the simple fact that I…

Hate playing video games!


So what if I don’t waste my hours

Sitting the whole day through

Staring at some stupid screen

Letting my brains all turn to goo!


Instead I choose to engage my mind

And my boundless creativity,

Involved in things that require thought

Instead of numbing inactivity.


I play pretend, a game of ball,

Or take a book down from a shelf.

I don’t need a mindless electronic box,

To entertain myself!


I am much more satisfied to go outside

To laugh and play with my friends.

And unlike video games, WE get to choose

When each game begins and ends!


I am completely free to express and dream

And let loose my imagination.

(A mind shuts off, creativity dies

With Nintendo and Play Station!)


Wait! I know what you’re thinking…!


A kid who hates to play video games

Seems to most like a contradiction.

Yes, I may be different, but I am content,

For my imagination has no restriction.

There are wiser ways to spend my time

Than with some silly, electronic addiction!




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