A Fishy Romance

I’m continually adding to my repertoire of Pirate and Greek myth poems. Here’s the latest along the pirate line. I hope everyone enjoys!


A Fishy Romance


Dear Captain John,


With miles of ocean between us,

I fear we have drifted apart.

We’re an ill-fated pair, mermaid and corsair*,

and so I must break your poor heart.


I’m afraid all is over between us,

our true love was not meant to be.

We hadn’t a chance with this hapless romance

since one of us lives undersea.


Farewell and adieu, my dear captain.

I’m sorry things didn’t work out.

I know you’re enraged but I’ve just been engaged

to a handsome saltwater trout.


Fondest Farewell,

Minnie Mermaid






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With Time to Relax…

We’re at the tail end of our winter break from school. I was more productive than I thought I would be! I ended up revising a bunch of my recent poems as well as writing some new ones. My main theme and interest continues to be Greek myths. I’m looking forward to returning to my class of second graders and sharing some of my recent works since we will be starting a unit on Greek mythology. 

My other creative side also took over. Last year I created pirate props like cannons, gibbets and a couple ship’s wheels. This past week I made a pair of wings to go with the poem about Icarus.  They’re pretty good and sturdy but I never claimed to be a fine artist!

wings 1

I’m sure a few of the kids will get a kick out of trying them out!Here’s the poem they accompany:

Dearest Icarus

Our dearest darling Icarus,

so carefree and impetuous,

was made two wings to soar on high,

up to where the eagles fly.


His adoring father, Deadalus,

said he’d soar like Pegasus.

So Icarus chose to have some fun

and flew up near the blazing sun.


Since Deadalus used a simple wax,

to affix the feathers and seal the cracks,

the wings began to melt and droop

as the wilting wax turned into goop.


Icarus plunged into the sea,

an unfortunate catastrophe.

Because he was nowhere to be found

Deadalus knew his son had drowned.


But the boy was not alone to blame,

his pop’s design was rather lame.

Alas, the lad would not be dead

if his dad used Super-Glue instead!


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Myth or Miss?

Here’s a newer poem with a draft from my illustrator.

Medusa’s ‘Do’

When Medusa wakes each morn

and peers at her reflection,

I wonder if she’s horrified

by her hairdo and complexion.

She really needn’t bother with

conditioners and shampoos.

All she needs is frogs and mice

to maintain her fancy ‘do’.

But despite her tragic makeover

she cannot overlook

that she still has a slender build

and has kept her killer looks.

Though she’s doomed to be alone

like a cunning barracuda,

she has rock-solid style and charm.

Oh, how I’m jealous of Medusa!




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