Twisted Poetry

I like to write twisted poems. Okay, not THAT kind of twisted, but twisted as in having a surprise ending, putting a character in a situation you would not normally find them in, or perhaps putting them in a very outrageous and/or embarrassing predicament. If you have looked at samples on my web sites you’ll know what I’m talking about.

For example:

A Hairy Predicament

 Last evening when I went to bed

my face was smooth and bare,

so you can’t imagine my surprise

when I awoke with facial hair!

It happened rather suddenly

and though it may sound weird,

somehow in the dark of night

I grew a mustache and a beard!


I’ll try to make the best of things

and accept this odd transition,

but these changes have now placed me in

a precarious position.

For though I look distinguished,

I’m in an awkward sort of mess.

This abnormal growth of whiskers

doesn’t match my brand new dress!

I guess this explains my enjoyment of things like Monty Python and Mel Brooks! We all need to laugh and not take life so seriously all the time.

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