The Olympics

I thought that since the Olympics are in full swing now it might be a good time to post this poem!


The Olympian

The beloved Greek Olympics,

are a wonder to behold!

And since I’m the perfect athlete

I’ll leave my rivals in the cold.

The crowds will be left speechless

by the feats I shall achieve

and at the end they’ll adorn my head

with a crown of olive leaves.


Since I’m the fastest athlete

from Olympia to Athens,

my breakneck pace at each foot race

is sure to please the masses.

With the long jump I’m astounding,

my leaps can’t be outdone,

each wrestling match an easy task

since I’ve superior skill and brawn.


I’ll firmly grasp the javelin

and throw with all might,

the throngs will cheer and watch that spear

sail swiftly out of sight.

Then I’ll hurl a hefty discus

to the pleasure of the crowds.

and soon that stone projectile

will be lost beyond the clouds.


But I’ve just heard a rumor

that may change my attitude.

It has come to my attention

that they’re competing in the nude!

I know it may seem natural,

and I’m all for self-expression,

but I think I’ll linger amongst the crowd

and simply sell concessions.



Young Zeus!

As mentioned previously, I have developed a great interest in Greek history and mythology after teaching a unit on it last school year. I have written and will be recording a series of poems based on Greek mythological characters putting kids in the roles of the Greek gods. What I have below is the first in the series. A boy I have worked with for the past few years has taken on the role of Zeus for this one.