Olympus Has Risen!

After several months of scheduling and coordinating, etc. I was finally able to complete the pantheon of Greek gods for my web site. The posters as well as the completed video are available for viewing there. They are available on the Greek Mythology page.




But if you’re really eager, here’s the video!

(click the refresh button if the video doesn’t play!)



The kids with whom I worked were all novice actors, only a couple with prior acting experience. But in spite of that I think they did a really nice job. Their commitment and hard work show through! I too am, obviously, just a video hobbyist and therefore an amateur.  Maybe once I retire I can learn more and really get into making my stuff look more professional.

The pre and post video titles I did are pretty sucky and unimaginative so I will be working with those at some point. I just wanted to get the video up for the kids and fans to see. 

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