How Much is Too Much?

I love the process of writing my children’s poems. I find myself continually going back and revising, like trying out new phrases and words. Playing around helps me grow and stretch as a writer and allows me to see things in a variety of ways. However, I sometimes wonder how much revising is too much.  I often find myself changing things thinking they sound better but then going back later and changing them back.  Sometimes I’m not sure which way sounds better.  I guess it’s often a matter of taste, but I sometimes want to bounce ideas of others and get their opinions.  Sometimes their preference doesn’t match mine and sometimes it does. I usually trust myself and go with my gut feeling.

I’d welcome other points of view on this topic.


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2 thoughts on “How Much is Too Much?

  1. You have to learn to rely on yourself because the poem is yours and no one else’s. Oscar Wilde had a great quote about poetry where a comma would be put in the morning but worried about all day and then taken back out in the afternoon. This is the lot of the poet, lol.


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