Whale of a Tale!

My first post in a while but I wanted to share another poem. I’ve been loving teaching and learning about Greek mythology so many of my latest poems have been on that topic…with my own little twist, of course! This one was originally called “Son of Neptune”. That was before I started studying Greek mythology. I learned that Neptune was the Roman version of Poseidon. (Darn Romans stole everything, didn’t they?)

I’d love any feedback!


Son Of Poseidon


I am Poseidon’s progeny,

sovereign of the seas,

master of the mollusks

and each sea anemone.

I’m commander of crustaceans,

oysters, shrimp and squid.

Over oceans wide I do preside

for I’m Poseidon’s kid!


But when I raise my trident

to make a bold decree,

I tremble like a jellyfish

and get the urge to flee.

I’m mortified by octopi,

catfish make me quiver.

Each crab and krill gives me a chill,

and sharks give me the shivers!


Dolphins cause discomfort,

minnows make me manic,

barracudas are unbearable,

each porpoise creates panic!

Turtles make me timid,

I shy away from seals.

I’m clearly neurotic near things aquatic

be it clownfish, cod or eels.


Lobsters make me leery

and I fear all things with fins,

so I feel more like a flounder

than Poseidon’s next of kin!

And though I am the offspring

of a mighty deity,

I’ll never reign in this wet terrain

since I’m just Chicken of the Sea!




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