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After having the June and July from Hell I’m ready to try keeping this blog up to date again!

My web site has been updated with new poems and videos from my current topic of Greek history and mythology. Most of what I have posted has been mythology themed so I’d thought I’d do a little history here. I’m not a big fan of the “300” films (I despise the slow motion fighting sequences!) but I do love the history behind the films. I’ve done some research and have created a couple poems and videos that I will use in my classroom this year to give the kids a taste of just how hard it was to be a Spartan, especially if you were a boy.




Spartan Boys


We are fearless Spartan boys,

trained since we were seven.

The life we lead in army camp

is anything but Heaven.


Living lives of hardship

hunger, pain and strife.

To be courageous warriors

is our only goal in life.


Yet we’re very proud to serve

and protect our city-state.

We warriors are the pride of Greece

which makes Sparta oh, so great.





We’re Mighty Spartan Warriors


We’re mighty Spartan warriors,

every mother’s son.

We pushed out the pesky Persians

at a place called Marathon.


It was a decade later,

in 480 B.C.

when Leonidas led an army

at old Thermopylae.


We lost 300 Spartans

who fought with dignity.

But the remaining Grecian army

forced the Persian pests to flee.





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