Welcome to My Poetry Blog!

Everyone says I’m different,
a fact that’s decidedly true.
I wear my t-shirts inside out
and dye my hair bright blue.
My parents are beside themselves
and sob, “He’s not all there!”
 since I like to tap dance down the stairs
 in purple underwear!



(Excerpt from my poem, “The Other Side of Normal”)


Ahoy! Welcome to my blog! My name is Bill Schoff, second grade teacher and writer of humorous children’s poetry.  However, even though I say children’s poetry (because children are my target audience) I’ve found that my unique style of humor appeals to adults as well. I love to play with the multiple meanings of words and often make use of puns, some of which only adults and older kids ‘get’.

In addition to my writing, I enjoy creating videos and illustrations based on my poems. Samples of each can be seen my web sites. “William Schoff Poetry” (here) and “Scallywags, Sprogs and Polliwogs!” (here)  

I also have a youtube page on which many of my videos appear. (click here).   Fun all around!

 I currently have had 4 books published by Outskirts Press. The titles are:

I’m Not Feeling Like Myself Today  Click Here!  

Something Strange   Click Here!

If Life Were a Hollywood Movie    Click Here!

and my most recent book,

The Other Side of Normal    Click Here!


My books are available on Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com.

You can also order from me directly and get the first three for $15 (plus S&H) rather than the listed price which is high! Just contact me!

So check out my sites and work. I’d enjoy getting some feedback.