Does anyone ever get the feeling that their creative works go unappreciated? Twice in the last few weeks I’ve sent email messages to friends and family telling them of my web site updates and asking for feedback.  Both times the response was mostly crickets (Chirp, chirp, chirp…I cam hear them now). The first time a cousin did respond with encouragement but other than that…nothing. I have found this quite hurtful. 

I really started having self-doubts. I wondered:

  • does my work really suck and people just don’t want to tell me?
  • are people just insensitive?
  • does anyone care about my personal endeavors..or me for that matter?
  • Are people so wrapped up in their own lives that they can afford the courtesy of a response?

I wasn’t looking for glowing praise and accolades, just the knowledge that perhaps someone cared enough to read, watch, and enjoy my efforts. I started visualizing a list of people I wanted to consider ‘writing off’. Of course that’s extreme, but you get my point.

Any ideas, suggestions?

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